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We are all aware of the Coronavirus which has taken the world by storm.

The Australian Government has made several announcements, 12 March 2020 and 22 March 2020 with offerings via a stimulus package to help Australians through this difficult and uncertain times.

We have comprised a summary of these announcements to help our clients understand where they are positioned. We will continue to update with new developments as they come to light.

We are here to continue working with our clients to get through this period. We are limiting our face to face, so alternate arrangements can be made either by teleconference or video conferencing to meet their needs.

We ask that all of our valued clients, their families and the general public remain vigilant and heed the warnings from the Government as a means for us to prevent the spreading and to keep safe. 

Be kind to each other and reach out if you need help or to talk. We are here to support each other.

Has your business had its Pre-30 June Health Check?


As we look after our personal health, what about the health of our business?


Here are a few tips that can be addressed to help minimise your businesses tax and forward plan.


1) Review your structure - is your current set up still the best for you?


2) Superannuation - ensure your superannuation guarantee is paid well before 30 June to ensure you receive the tax deduction.


3) Capital assets - Now is the perfect time to start looking at upgrade your capital assets, following the Federal Budget announcements on 12th May 2015.


4) Bad Debts - do you have any that you know you will not be paid?


5) Donations - consider registered entities to receive the tax deduction on amounts over $2.


6) Supplies - stock up now.


7) Trading Stock - prepare for an accurate stock take. 


8) Insurances - are yours current and set up the most beneficial way?


Contact me today and ask for your Business Health Check.



As 30 June is fast approaching and we are scratching our head about the best methods to help reduce our taxes, why not consider "Donations". Not only will this reduce your taxes but it will also benefit our wider community.


Give back today and help put a "Smile onto someone's dial".


We are proud supports of "Variety, the Children's Charity". Help us, help them, "Help Kids be Kids". 



Insurance: is there something you've forgotten?

It's Christmas time. Time for a long earned break. Time to spend quality time with family and friends. And time to plan our holidays and get togethers.

When you're planning a holiday - whether around the corner, up the coast or even overseas - what's the first thing you do? We check, right? But, do we check everything?

We ensure our cars are insured, that our house is insured and that we get travel insurance - all the things to give us peace of mind that our family is protected. But...

What if something happens to you - the provider, the parent, the spouse? Is your family protected then?

Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate and if you don't already have, get insurance to protect your family.

What is an evaluation?

How much would you need if you were permanently injured and could not return to work? How much would your family need to get through the grief period and into the future if you should happen to die? Could your spouse meet the mortgage repayments, provide the education for the children, keep the car, and so forth?

These are all things to think about. They are important things. It's the same reason we insure our possessions: it's the "what if" that applies to life insurance, income protection, trauma cover, etc.

Does your superannuation provide ample cover?

Call us today and we will start to assess what you need and what you have. Let us work together to ensure you and your family are protected.